The Importance of Planning and Programs Development

Planning is an essential function that helps management see the bigger picture. This is an essential requirement for taking on other essential managerial duties like organizing staffing, directing and coordinating. Many managers aren’t involved in the planning process and don’t get the benefits. This could be due to a lack in training or an inability to engage with this function.

Improved Decision Making

A plan forces managements to think about the implications of their decisions. This is because a plan lays out the goals they are aiming to achieve, and it helps them to evaluate the potential advantages or risks of every decision they make. It helps to monitor the long-term results of their decisions like how an investment today could impact the growth of the business within three years.

Productivity Increased

A clear plan allows people to break difficult tasks into manageable pieces, allowing them to be completed in a shorter amount of time. This allows them to utilize their time more effectively and reduces the possibility of confusion.

A plan can also help an organization understand its strengths and weaknesses in the market, allowing it to capitalize on the growing market before competitors recognize this opportunity and gain a first-mover advantage. A clear and precise plan can give a structure for project work and help ensure that responsibilities are allocated efficiently and that important events are monitored in a timely manner.

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